Brand New Podcast - Round Britain Record 2012

This year has seen a record number of sea kayak circumnavigations of Britain.

I want to reflect this at Sea Kayak Podcasts but clearly can not talk to everyone.

So I've picked three stories to share with you, and today sees the release of the first.

You'll find it at and there's a streaming version below.  Read this for all the ways to get the podcasts.

Joe Leach is a 24 year old kayak instructor who set a new record for paddling around the British mainland of just 67 days.

Orginally from the Isle of Man, Joe now lives in Cornwall where he works for Sea Kayaking Cornwall.  I'll stop there and let Joe tell the rest of his adventure.

The second of the three stories will be released on 15th November, with the third and final circumnavigation tale for now appearing on 1st December.

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