DVD3 Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown - Stornoway Team

Our filming week on the Outer Hebrides has come and gone.

My grateful thanks to whole kayak team who performed in outrageous conditions and even suffered mild hypothermia to fulfil my creative demands. 

Calum, Donald and Graham operated cameras, frequently working independently as second and third units.  

Still, this film is far from finished.

We've been working with outside agencies who have not always been available when we hoped.  So to complete this film, we must do some more shooting.  Hopefully that will happen next week.

Perhaps this is the time to reveal that, unlike the first two volumes, Volume 3 - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown will not be a journey mixed with coaching. We've done that, twice, and now want to try something new.

Volume 3 will be a series of films, each covering a coaching topic at considerable depth, yet each with its own narrative structure. It will be our most ambitious production, with more detailed, in depth coaching, higher production values, and a level of insight which will be if value to paddlers of all standards.  I promise.


Anonymous said...

Hello Simon, good to read your blog, looks like you are never sitting still! Hope all is well, stop by in Wales one day! Marcus

Simon said...

Hi Marcus

I just saw your credit on Justine's new film.
Hope all is well in Wales!


Ed Schiller said...

Sounds like another winner, Simon! Keep us posted!