Video - Reviewing SiS REGO Range

Flitting between posts about sea kayaking and cycling is a sure way to loose an audience I'm told.  Apparently all the blogging experts say "stick to one subject".  

But hey, you're more sophisticated than that, right?

You'll know I was picked to join Science in Sport's Winter Academy. 

It's a promotional thing really. Nine amateurs are given free and discounted products, plus some excellent nutrition advice, in return for blogging and tweeting our experience with the items.

The advice has been utterly eye-opening, particularly with regard to fasted training.  If you don't want to watch the videos, I suggest you read the entry about the advice I was given by SiS founder Tim Lawson and the follow-up advice from Dr James Morton.  I know at least one experienced sports scientist who poured over everything both told me.  

If you want to see all the Winter Academy posts, separated from the sea kayaking stuff, click here or on the logo alongside (if it's still there).

As you'll see in the video I made when the free products arrived, most were recovery based.  So having reviewed the GO Range here (the on-the-bike items) I felt I had to review the REGO Range of recover products too.  The result is below.

Oh, and I managed to work in some sea kayaking near Eilean Donan  too.

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