We Start Shooting DVD-3 Today

I admit I'm excited. I'm in the Outer Hebrides to shoot key sections of our next sea kayaking film, Volume 3, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown.

We shot some of Volume 2 out here.  That was on Loch Seaforth, roughly on the border between Harris and Lewis.

This time we're based just outside Stornoway for the whole week.

And that is all I'm going to say about this shoot.

From the very start, Gordon and I made a strict rule of not revealing our plans in advance, simply because those plans change.  We adapt them to weather, to sea conditions and to availability of people with whom we want to film.  

However, you'll find a few hints on SeaKayakWithGordonBrown.com and we will try to tweet occasionally.

If you use Twitter, then follow me here and Gordon's business, Skyak Adventures here.

As well as the main filming, I'm trying to keep a video diary which I hope will turn into a film in its own right.

I think it might be interesting to see what goes into a production like this. 

If you've bought a DVD or a Download directly from our website, then I have your email address on file and I'll send details of Volume 3 as soon as it's available.

However, because we're away from home all week, Liz won't be fulfilling PAL DVD orders until 25th Feb


Anonymous said...

great to see the kayaking blog back, I thought you had been hacked by some food supplement site.
bw David

Simon said...

Ouch! Sorry.

Anonymous said...

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