Launch Date of DVD Volume 3 Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

It's still six months away but we plan to launch the  DVD of Volume 3, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown on 1st October 2013.

We will give details of its content nearer the time, but it will be a series of films rather than a journey mixed with coaching.

But it won't be a normal launch.  It won't be... right, here's the DVD for sale.  Oh no.

Instead, we plan to initially offer some exciting content from Volume 3 to download, absolutely free for charge.  There may be some time-limited material too.

The Premier of the film will be at the Scottish Canoe Association show in Perth 26-27th October where the DVD will also be on sale.

At least that's the plan six months out!  And plans change...


paddlingOTAKU said...

Outstanding, really looking forward to it!


Simon said...

I'll be rather keen to see it too!