All Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown Films As Downloads

I'm delighted to say all three films we've produced to date, linked to the Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown series, are available as digital downloads from

Volume 2, our multi-award winning Rescues video, is the newest addition.  It has not been easy compressing this to fit into a file which can be downloaded.  At 2.9 GB it's under the 3GB limit, over which many customers won't tolerate because the files can still take over two hours to download.

Compression is about compromise.  To achieve that file size it has been compressed at 3000 kbits/sec.  That is higher than the 5000 kbits/sec I prefer to use, but the file that compression produced was 4.8GB, so way too large for most people's bandwidth.

Sea kayaking video is difficult to compress.  Almost every pixel in each frame changes, as the sea is constantly on the move.  So I hope people will be happy with the results.

Quite how we do Volume 3 is still to be decided.

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