Trailer - Volume 3, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

If you want to see more please subscribe to the free podcasts at We'll give away a series free films from this production, two in September and two in October.

We open with a podcast which goes live tomorrow 1st August in which I'll talk about the production and show some clips.

The DVD itself will go on sale at in October priced £19.95 and there are currently no plans to release it as a download.


Lee Rushworth said...

Hi Simon!

I've bought, watched and loved 1 & 2. I've been eagerly waiting for number 3 and having just watched the trailer I can't wait! it looks awesome.

From the looks of the trailer this is going to answer a ton of questions.

I've also got to tip my hat to you Simon, I think the way you've produced, shot and voiced these DVDs has been superb!

Simon said...

Hi Lee

Thanks very much for the kind words - really encouraging!