First Review, Vol 3 - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

We have our first review.  

It's by Douglas Wilcox who, in the interests of full disclosure, does admit to a friendship with both Gordon and myself.  

He took one of the spectacular cover shots on Volume 2 when we were out on St Kilda.

Douglas gives an exhaustive summary of the new DVD contents, highlights a couple of things he'd have wished to see included, and overall, seems to like the finished production.

Read it at

I've emailed and posted twenty pre-production copies of Volume 3 to magazines and freelance writers in Europe and the USA.  Now I am, slightly nervously, waiting for their verdicts.  

This DVD feels like my baby and the reviewers won't hesitate to tell me if it's an ugly child. Bring it on. I can take it. I love by baby regardless.


Iain said...

Simon, I've left a comment on Douglas Wilcox's blog. I may be one of the headless chickens he refers to, and my attention was drawn to his comments by someone else who thinks they are part of the flock. Is this footage taken before the last DVD? If so, DW's comments on first aid are wrong, and the manner in which they are put pretty rude. I've no objection to footage being used for education, but this was a bit below the belt.

Simon said...
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Simon said...

Hi Iain - I've emailed you.