Review of Vol 3, Sea Kayak wth Gordon Brown

Yet another hugely positive review for our new DVD, Volume 3 - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown has appeared.

This one is by Bryan Hansel at

It's interesting to read different reviewers' reactions to the four films on the DVD.

Emergency Situations seems to be the stand-out film. Most people say it looks and feels like an exciting documentary rather than a coaching film. 

That's exactly what we were going for. From the start I said it would provide the 'wow' of this DVD. But there are also layers of practical safety coaching in there too, delivered in what we think is a rather special way. We hope you'll agree.

Rolling Clinic seems to be regarded as the 'controversial' film of the four. Possibly because it's not really a film - it's an interactive series of sequences and absolutely not designed to be watched in one sitting, which of course, most reviewers will naturally do.  

Quite understandably, Bryan is sceptical that many people will use it as intended. He could be right!  Because nothing quite like this has been done before we're keen to receive feedback from people who use the DVD to help them learn to roll. 

On Sunday (15th Sept) the next free 'extras' film goes live here and at Called Shooting Rolling Clinic we'll explain the way we hope this unique production will work. 

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