Free Sea Kayak Safety Video

Sea kayakers are encouraged to download and watch this free safety video.

It contains advice from expert kayakers and rescue professionals of the UK Coastguard and Lifeboat services, detailing which safety equipment to carry and how to raise the alarm in an emergency. 

Anne Young, HM Coastguard's National Canoe and Kayak Liaison Officer, says: "This film is a useful tool for all who go to sea in small crafts. Knowing how to raise the alarm and be located make rescues more efficient and helps to save lives." 

The video is a cut-down version of the full Emergency Situations film from our new DVD which shows the equipment and techniques deployed in realistic scenarios.

Please download your free copy
Find it at  and iTunes

"100% pure awesomeness" how one reviewer described the full version of the Emergency Situations filmWe're delighted with all the reviews of our new DVD.

Initially it will be sold only through our 

Three free films already released
Three free 'extras' films, which we couldn't squeeze onto the DVD, are already available for download at

EDIT 1st Nov : DVDs now shipping. Streaming version now below and on YouTube.

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Melo Smith said...

What a great find! Thanks for sharing the video. I want to try again kayak in the Philippines.