Media Tart? Moi?

After thirty plus years in TV you'd think I might be blasé about media appearances.  I'm not.

I still get a narcissistic thrill when someone writes about stuff I've written or produced. There's been relatively quite a lot of it in recent weeks.

The most recent is this online interview for a new website.  The Gear is all about outdoor kit and they promise an interview every Tuesday with someone who works in the outdoors.

It's run by a couple of friends of mine, so I wish them every luck with it. Take a look at and see if it's your sort of thing.

The first of the recent run of media came in Ocean Paddler Magazine.  It not only contained a review of Volume 3, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown but also a short article written by me about how we made the Handling Emergency Situations film.

On the same day, Cyclist Magazine dropped through my letterbox.  In August I guided a couple of their riders around three routes on Scotland's west coast.

The first article features a ride right from my front door around Ardnamurchan and onto the Isle of Mull.

It ran in issue 15 (confusingly the December issue) which should be now have been replaced by issue 16 in most newsagents.  Running to seven pages it's a great advert for this beautiful part of the world, even if we rode in a deluge!

That's just two of the pages above with me in the white Castelli kit riding up to Ardnamurchan Lighthouse, but here's a GPS track of our route.  (Why didn't I mention Castelli in TheGear interview?)

Just before the SCA Show and premier of our DVD, Roger Scott wrote a piece about the DVD for The Scotsman Magazine, which I've previously mentioned.  So all in all a rather media filled few weeks.


David said...

Media tart? We thought that was your new puppy. Suprised we have heard nothing more about him (her?) !!

Simon said...

Hi David
There will be a new Maggie video very soon! Probably Monday.