Christmas Book - Kayaking Around Britain

This account of sea kayaking around Britain makes an excellent Christmas present, either for the paddler in your life… or yourself.

Rowland Woollven tells the story of his multi-year epic around the British coastline.  Here's the publisher's page.

Officially it's not published until 2nd January, so it won't be available on Amazon until early next year.

However, you can buy it for £14 including UK P&P from Rowland Woollven himself who has a few pre-release copies. 

If you'd like to listen to Rowland tell his story, then you can download his podcast by Right clicking here and saving the file to your computer (how you do that depends upon which browser you're using).  Or find his podcast at or iTunes.  Of course, our half-hour chat is not anywhere near as comprehensive as the book.  

Together they're a great way to get through the holiday season. If you can't get on the water, you can read about someone who did. Over and over again.

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