New Podcast - Alice Courvoisier

December is time for long journeys - bus, car, train and plane.  So for the holiday season we've prepared some great audio podcasts.

The latest is Alice Courvoisier talking about her expedition up the coast of Norway then down a Swedish river to reach the Gulf of Bothnia.

You can read (in English) about her journey and download a PDF from Alice's blog.

Also - I highly recommend both parts of Patrick Winterton's excellent podcasts about crossing the North Sea from Shetland to Norway.

These three podcasts will help while away the longest journey. 

Starting in January we have an excellent series of kayak repair video podcasts with Howard Jeffs.  I'm rather excited about these, because I found them really, really useful and believe you will too. Howard will explain the kit and demonstrate the skills you need to conduct emergency repairs on the water plus longer lasting expedition repairs on the shore.  

If you'd like to know a little more about Howard before you watch the videos, then you'll find an audio podcast with him in the centre column of this page.  Meanwhile, here's Alice Courvoisier.  

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