UK's 10 Highest Peaks Run in 13 hrs 10 mins

Driving to Nevis Range… eating!
Huge congratulations to Andrew Murray and Donnie Campbell for completing the first circuit of the ten highest summits in the UK in a staggeringly short time.  

Their stated goal, as I explained earlier today, was to complete the round in one day - 24 hours.  They've done it in just over half that time - utterly amazing! 

The Adventure Show, which is made Triple Echo Productions for BBC-2 Scotland, followed the runners.  You'll be able to see the whole thing in a future programme - we don't yet know when.  Follow on Facebook for details.  Continues

I tripped over Andrew, who was sleeping on the floor, at 3:20 this morning when we started.  We saw them leave Ben Lawers car park at 4:20 in the dark.  We drove with them to the Nevis Range where, high in the mountains, one of our cameramen had bivouacked overnight.  Keith filmed the pair as they ran Aonach Mohr.  Then they tackled Aonach Beag, Carn Mhor Dearg and Ben Nevis - Marco Consani ran alongside with a GoPro.
5 down. 5 to go.

I was waiting in Glen Nevis to join them for the drive across to the Cairngorms where the photo alongside was taken.  

Five down, five to go.

Cairngorm and Ben MacDui came next, shot by Ross Lawrie who had already run to the first summit to be ready.  

A steep drop then tough climb to Braeriach, then a ridge circuit to Angels Peak and finally Cairn Toul completed their 'Big Ten'.

Another of our camera teams had hiked four hours to reach their final summit to capture their success.

It is a truly amazing time. The pair have earned a place in the record books (again!) and have established a record in a time which will take some beating.

As I write they're not yet down and back to their vehicles but they will be soon.  Aviemore should see some celebration tonight!


David said...

Well, no doubt congrats are due, but you'll need to explain what makes an "ascent" given that there seems to be rather a lot of driving involved too?

Simon said...

Hi David

They set their challenge, they make their rules according to their ethic. I film and report it.

They drove to where the road ended and then ran the mountains. It's the same ethic as others have used for other speed rounds such as the Munros. For example, Martin Moran's winter circuit - he had a campervan between.

No doubt someone will cycle or even run between the ranges as well and set a different time.

But that will be a different challenge.