GPS Jamming Off North West Scotland Next Month

The annual, continuing massive military exercise called Joint Warrior runs 6 - 17 October.

GPS signals will be jammed at certain times in specific parts of north west Scotland.  

According to the P&J newspaper, the military have made various organisations aware of their activities.

I cannot find the details online - perhaps that's deliberate - but if you can, please post the link in the comments below.

The Royal Navy spokesman is quoted in the P&J as follows: “GPS jamming during Joint Warrior will be limited to a confined area in North West Scotland at specific times. Maritime, fishing, aviation and hill walking organisations have been consulted and made aware of GPS jamming.”

The place is going to be buzzing with ships and planes.  The Royal Navy website on Joint Warrior is informative but again gives no details of where and when GPS will be jammed.

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