New Podcast - Youngest Around Ireland

Summer seems such a long time ago, but that was when this chap, Hamish Wilkinson became the youngest person to kayak around Ireland.

The first thing you notice when speaking to Hamish is his distinct lack of Northern Ireland accent. 

In fact it's distinctly antipodean and there's a good reason for that as you'll hear.

The nineteen year old is already an experienced paddler and, helped by his boat-builder Dad, constructed his own kayak for this trip. 

You can of course download his podcast at Sea Kayak on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.   You can follow the Podcasts on Twitter and choose which to download.

If you're planning some long trips, visiting relatives or just getting away from everything over the Christmas period, then make sure your iPod, iPad… (whatever) is stocked full of podcasts.  I'm told they help ease the strain of the longest journey.

Except in our car where my wife can't stand hearing any more of my voice than necessary.  but that's another story.

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