Download - Volume 3, Sea Kayak With Gordon Brown

We will release the Download version of Volume 3, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown priced £16.99 on the 1st March 2015 along with a package deal, The Full Set of seven films for £49.99.

Volume 3 is a significantly different production to Volumes 1 and 2. These volumes downloaded as one movie file - the coaching was interspersed with a spectacular sea kayak adventure.

Volume 3 is four separate films covering Rolling, Navigation, First Aid Kits and Handling Emergency Situations.  So the Download version is actually a 'package' of these four separate films.  And there's more… 

Our Rolling Clinic film is unlike any other sea kayak rolling film you may have seen.  It was designed to be interactive, exploring the interactivity of DVD chapters.  For the new Download version I have gone back to the rushes and re-edited some of the sequences and voice-over so it now works with the Chapters built into QuickTime.  

Here's an earlier video explanation of how Rolling Clinic works.  (Oh - and there are 4 films not 3 in Volume 3 - I get that wrong).

We encourage you to work with friends and a video camera so you can watch what your rolling attempts look like.  You then compare them to what you've seen on the video.  Gordon demonstrates the seven most common reasons a roll fails, so match your mistakes to those he demonstrates.  Gordon then gives two 'fixes' four each common mistake.  So we give you the knowledge to diagnose what you're doing wrong and tell you how to fix it.

Because all our films will be available as Downloads from 1st March, it only seemed right to offer The Full Set as a package deal - £49.99.  

For that you get no fewer than seven separate films to Download.

Previous packages will be discontinued.

Due to changes in EU law on Value Added tax, all our Downloads are now sold by our long time partners Digital Goods Store who also provide any troubleshooting and support.

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