Three Podcasts a Month

One week from today, on the 1st March, I've decided to step up this Podcasting thing. Instead of two and month, I'm going to increase the output to three full length interviews each and every month.


They'll appear on or close to the 1st, 10th and 20th. But you don't have to keep checking back. you can subscribe free here by clicking the Subscribe button. If that doesn't work, use the RSS feed on the main page. Or keep an eye on this blog.

Crumbs, three a month. Whatever will I have to talk about?

Well, on Saturday, I hope to speak to Tom Smith about the best routes on Shetland. He's just co-written a book for Pesda Press and it'll be available from 16th March. But you'll be able to hear what's in it from 1st March.

As thoughts turn to big summer trips, on 10th March I plan to publish a podcast with the marketing director of Pyranha / P&H Sea Kayaks about how to get sponsorship.

So that's the first two started. Any more ideas....?