Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham

Honestly, it wasn't as dull as this awful photo suggests!

We spent a great evening at the Sunart Centre listening to Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham. Excellent stories, interspersed with very good music.

They're described as 'Simply the best traditional musicians you're ever likely to hear' by Mike Russell, although I suspect that was before he returned to being an MSP and became Culture Secretary. (He's now Education Sec.)

Stories included that of the accordion player who, when he sat down, didn't realise the bottom strap of his instrument had hitched up him kilt, accidentally exposing his more delicate instrument.

However it did earn him the nickname of the 'human metronome'. Buy their music on Amazon


Borrasca said...

WOW I see Phil and Aly at Barcelona in 1998.

Incredible Live Session.

Simon Willis said...

They're a great pair. I think I enjoy the chat as much as the music!