Change at TGO Magazine

Sea kayaking is not the only activity most of us enjoy.

A lot of us are hill-walkers, so once in a while, we'll have read a copy of TGO Magazine.

The new August issue is the first in a couple of decades (at least) that hasn't been edited by Cameron McNeish.

The new Editor is Emily Rodway. Cameron becomes Editor-at-Large.

I hope to see Cameron soon, so I may find out more then.

Of course, the magazine used to be just called 'The Great Outdoors' and it was the first publication to regularly take contributions from me.

The Heli-hiking article below was my first and it ran in 1993. In a later edition of the magazine, an article about llama trekking in Utah with Red Rock 'n' Llamas won me a Travelex Travel Writers' Award.

Both of those articles were written on computers whose formats are long gone.

It was in conjunction with TGO magazine that I
tested the new breed of American ultra-light equipment in the UK ahead of our 2,658 mile Pacfic Crest Trail hike. It was made by GoLite, a company which has gone on to make some superb kit.

While we walked, I wrote and sent back articles and rolls of film which TGO processed. And that was just 2002!

Cameron was supportive throughout. I hope we might be working together again soon.

Meanwhile, TGOs Gear Editor and long distance hiker Chris Townsend is attempting another long distance trail in the USA.

I've known Chris since the 1980s when we both lived just outside Newcastle. To American backpackers he is something of a living legend, his Backpacker's Handbook selling in huge quantities over there.

Chris is going to hike The Pacific Northwest Trail which winds its way from the Rocky Mountains to the West coast. It's about 1200 miles in total.

It was invented by a chap called Ron Strickland, with whom Liz and I had the pleasure of walking for a week or so through the deserts of Southern California. We met quite by accident on the PCT and chatted as we walked and camped together.

Ron told us a lot about the trail, and also his real BIG trail - the 7,700 mile, trans-continental Sea to Sea route. So that's yet another challenge waiting for Chris when he ticks off this one.

Here's an interview with Chris, conducted by TGOs new editor Emily.

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Solent Sea kayak said...

Wow - didn't realise you knew Chris Townsend - I've been a long time fan of his. I bought his book 'High Summer' when I was at Uni and it's been read countless times since then.