It's fascinating to watch big companies, and their ad agencies, include viral video in their marketing mix. This (probably faked trickshot) has been watched over 3 millions times, and Gillette is only mentioned in the title. I guess I'm guilty of doing their work for them.

I prefer the Bounty Kitchen Paper ad below it....


Unknown said...

Simon, if you have so much time it would be a much better idea to get on with your cookbook (or rather help Liz with hers). We are many who are interested in that - but certainly not in these ads. Can I order now?

Simon Willis said...

No cookbook. I am interested in these ads.

Adventure Otaku said...

the interesting thing, is where do these air? At 1:47 and 2 minutes flat they are clearly not for air - unless seriously edited, which would really kill the impact. particularly the first one.

The nice thing is that they are relatively low concept, low investment. But high risk. I guess with the weaker economies, they are will to take a bit more risk with their advertising dollars. good to see.

Simon Willis said...


You hit the nail on the head - these seem to be not for air but for viral video distribution.

The money can be spent on production, albeit in different ways (eg paying a big name star)

The Roger Federer is particularly interesting. The paid-for TV ads put this it in context, so they don't have to mention Gillette. The viewer knows he is one of their brand ambassadors.

So internet viral becomes just another part of a campaign mix, like point-of-sale, print etc.

For some of us, though, its the only platform. That's where it interests me at a practical level - selling our DVDs. To date I haven't paid for one advert, yet we've sold more than a few thousand copies.

News on DVD 2 coming later this week.