Cheap Crushproof Waterproof Glasses Case

When I saw Cailean MacLeod using somethng like this, I thought 'what a good idea'.

It keeps your glasses and/or sun glasses dry inside your day hatch, while preventing them from being crushed by the other stuff in there.

Lakeland Plastic no longer sells this shape containers, but I was delighted to see Morrisons supermarket had a 2 for 1 offer.

When I returned to our local branch yesterday they had sold out, so they are popular.

Worth keeping a look out though. [Edit: Although the comment from Marcus below suggests this design might not be so good.]


Anonymous said...

Nooooooo!!!! These are the containers I bought during my UK circumnavigation in a Co-Op store in Maryport. I thought it was an excellent idea to empty the heavy pesto glass jars into these light, and "waterproof" containers. I managed to fill 4 pesto jars in each of the 2 containers, and put them in the back hatch for my crossing towards Scotland. In the evening both containers lost their fluid, which is in the case of pesto, oil, inside my formerly "dry" hatch. Half of my camping kit was smeared with oil for weeks, it was a huge mess. My hope is that they were not anymore on the shelves because they are not sold out, but because the manufacturer recalled the product because he heard me swearing for the 3 weeks until I was able to wash my camping kit.


Simon Willis said...

Oh dear.....

... our old Lakeland Plastic containers had much better clip fixings, propper little slots for the tabs to go into. Perhaps these will not work so well?