Simplified Downloads

I have simplified the new digital download versions we're selling of Volume 1, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown.

I hugely appreciate all the feedback I've received from people who bought (and didn't buy) Coaching Sessions and Journey downloads.

Initially, I was offering these as three separate downloads.

However, the film was designed to have the coaching sessions mixed with the journey. It was this which, in part, won it awards and made this coaching product different.

From the feedback, it quickly became clear that separating them into three different download files destroyed this unique quality.

It also meant people had to go through three buying steps to purchase one product. That is clunky.

So I've repackaged it.

The coaching is, once again, mixed with the journey in the way we believe works best.

It's all in one large 960x540 MPEG-4 .m4v file.

It's priced £16.99, that's £3 cheaper than the DVD.

The only downside is that the resulting 2.1GB file is quite a chunky download.

Goodness knows how big the file will be when I make Volume 2 available for download in HD in November. There's more than two hours of material in that and we're looking at around 9GB of file size.