VisitScotland Promoting Scottish Sea Kayak Trail

It's great that the Scottish Sea Kayak Trail, which I invented with the Pesda Guidebook, is the only UK entry on National Geographic's 'Top 50 Tours of a lifetime' bucket list.

I've already said how please I am that Wilderness Scotland offer a non-camping holiday along part of the trail. And it is their organised tour that earned the place on the National Geographic list.

But I'm a little surprised to see Wilderness Scotland apparently giving quotes about "Our trail". Indeed, the first few lines of the story describes it as "Wilderness Scotland's sea kayaking trail...". Plus there is no mention in this article, on the National Georgaphic website, or on Wilderness Scotland's website of the Scottish Sea Kayak Trail website. Hmmm.

I'm sure that's an accidental oversight. Isn't it?

[Edit 11:30am - a flurry of e-mail this morning produced apologies all round. We're all best friends again and Wilderness Scotland clients, who book the trail holiday, will receive a copy of the guidebook. There's a link to the trail on their links page and a credit on their trip itinerary page. So that's nice]