Hamish's Kayaking Kilms Showing at Edinburgh Mtn Film Fest

A spin off film from our DVD, called Hamish's Kayaking Films will be screened tomorrow morning at 10:30 at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival. (Video preview below)

It's in great company, with 50 Years in the M0untains, Chimaera and The Pinnacle also being screened.

I can't be there and nether can the producer/director of The Pinnacle, because we're both going to be on a Hebridean Island making an hour-long programme for BBC-2 Scotland about the Tiree Wave Classic.

Sharing a cottage for a week. With other blokes. That'll be fun then.

Our voyage in Volume 2-Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown takes us around St Kilda, and includes an 8 minute feature with Hamish Gow, a pioneer of Scottish sea kayaking. Hamish and Anne Gow were the first people to kayak to St Kilda, and Hamish allowed me to use his home movies in our production.

There was no room for excellent material from other islands, like Staffa and Mingulay. So I went back to Hamish, did some more filming, and produced a stand-alone 24 minute film about his adventures. It's classic stuff. All I had to do was shuffle it into an order and put Hamish's words with his pictures.

So if you enjoy the 8 minute version in the DVD, then you might be interested in the full 24 minute film, which will be available as a download towards the end of October.


Anonymous said...

Nice film and my favourite of the morning's batch.

Simon said...

Hi Jinjacoo - thanks very much for that, I'll pass it on to Hamish who'll be really pleased.