PAL DVDs Will Dispatch on 17th October

A huge "thank you" to everyone who has pre-ordered a copy of Volume 2-Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown. Yours will be the first dispatched on 17th October, one week from today.

We're attempting a certain amount of international co-ordination this time around based around the dates of our Premier. Much to my amazement, some of it looks like working!

* Web orders for NTSC versions of the DVD have been shipping from TW-Media in Colorado since Thursday (earlier than planned). If you pre-ordered, your copy might even arrive today. Rob, our US distributor, has also shipped to American stores, so they should have them on their shelves soon. Our Canadian distributor Joe will have them in stores there before 1st November.

* Web-orders for PAL versions will ship one week from today, Monday 17th October. Our priority, and first to go, will be the pre-orders. "Thank you" again.

* The Premier, around which much of the release is timed, will be at the SCA Paddle '11 show in Perth on 22 & 23 October, with screenings both days at 11:30am. We might even offer a special show price.

* That same weekend is the National Sea Kayak Symposium in Australia. Mark at Expedition Kayaks will launch our DVD over there. (If Parcelforce get their skates on!)

So the pre-orders will go out first. Of the 1000 PAL DVDs in the first batch, 400 are already spoken for. The rest we'll take to Perth.

Now I reckon that enough chat about DVDs for this week.

Over the next few days I'll write more about our cycling trip to France. Was it only one month ago, to the day, that we rode Mont Ventoux? That seems so long ago...

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