Behind the Scenes Shooting Our Emergency Situations Film

This is one of the free 'extras' films which we couldn't squeeze onto our new DVD Volume 3, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown.  In thirty years of making television programmes this ranks as one of the the most ambitious shoots I've undertaken.  The streaming version is below or you can download a copy to keep from our Downloads page.  All the films are now here.

Fortunately I had the services of some great sea kayakers who could operate small waterproof video cameras. Everyone is credited in the final film which you'll only find on the new DVD priced £19.95.

Initially, it will only on sale through our website.  So please order before the ****ing postal strike in November!

Or buy it from us in person at the SCA Paddle '13 Show in Perth this coming weekend - here are the times of our premier and what we're doing.

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