Perfect Easy Healthy American Style Pancake Recipe

Seriously - anyone can make this.

If you don't have all the ingredients this shrove Tuesday, it doesn't matter.  Bookmark the recipe and make it another day for brunch.

Trust me - it's wonderful.

It's not my own recipe.  I tweaked one by the excellent Kelli Jennings of Apex Nutrition - you can find the original here.

We like these after open water swimming in the loch, because they're a fast, filling, warming treat, with whole food carbs and protein.

The tools you'll need are a frying pan (or ideally a flat skillet) and either a hand-blender or (if you don't mind the washing up) a full-on machine blender.  Actually, you could probably do this in a Nutri-bullet.  Hmm - I'll have to try that.

For two hungry people, put into the blender and blitz:
* 80g of oats
* 160g of Greek yoghurt
* 3 tablespoons of Chia seeds (these thicken the mix)
* 2 large free-range eggs
* 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder

After blitzing looks like this
Let this sit a little while so the chia seeds thicken the batter.  The pancakes taste best if you fry them in coconut oil but perhaps you could use butter.

Don't make them too big because...
The slightly tricky bit is pouring a measure of the batter into the pan/skillet.  I pour about four at one time.  Don't make them more than four inches across unless you're a whizz at flipping because anything bigger falls apart as you stick a spatula underneath.  While the bottom is frying, drop four or five blueberries on the top.

You want them flippable
I have no idea how long yours will take to cook.  This is an art not a science.  But it won't be more than a minute or two.  Flip them and the second side cooks even faster.  I stick the oven onto 100C and keep the first batch of four warm while the second (and third!) batch are frying.
Second batch always cooks faster and tastes better
Serve as above with honey, more Greek yogurt and spare blueberries.  The chia seeds make these high in protein which Kelli says can be increased further by adding protein powder to the batter, though I haven't tried this.

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