Feb Challenge #4 - Heal Quicker!

Now this really is a challenge - my deltoid muscle must heal and impingement end before I can swim again.

Getting older sucks.  After age 50 it has been quite a battle to stay fit.  The main reason being the time injuries take to heal.

At least I have time.  Two friends locally have tumours.  One has weeks to live.  One doesn't.  Now that really sucks.  My niggles are insignificant compared to theirs.

The problem for older 'athletes' is not getting these little injuries, everything gets those.  It's that they don't heal as fast and consequently, they compound.

Then a couple of weeks ago I fell of my mountain bike, as reported here.  I thought I'd banged up my arm.  It was feeling better, so I swam.

Thirty minutes later it felt like someone was sticking hot knives into my shoulder, my right shoulder this time.  Our GP reckons it's 'just' my deltoid, which is relatively good as muscles have a better blood supply than tendons or ligaments.  Subsequently, our local physiotherapist thinks it tendon impingement due to inflammation from the original impact.  Significantly, both agree it's not my rotator cuff, which might require surgery.

My challenge, to cure my sink swim legs, has been pushed back because I can't swim right now.  I just need patience and time.  Which fortunately, I have.  I think.

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