Don't Buy Winter Swim Socks Until You Can Get These

The Tri-X swim gloves have been my favourite for winter swimming for several years.

Now the team at Lomo are making swim socks.  I have tested samples and they're every bit as good as the gloves.

The production versions might be several months away, but Lomo will put them on their website as soon as they arrive (so please don't email asking when they'll be in stock).

Hopefully, they'll be for sale before next winter.

I'm writing this now because, if you're planning ahead and thinking of buying some new socks now, it might be worth waiting.

They are different to the Lomo Surf Socks because the samples have a cuff around the top.

So what are they like?  I suspect they'll be sold as 3mm neoprene, which is fine for a sock given that your blood will retreat to your core in cold weather.  I put a micrometre on my pair, double thickness, and it measured closer to 5mm, so perhaps not quite 3mm?

The sole is thin - which is a GOOD thing for swimming.  However, it will easily tear if you walk on sharp pebbles and shells, or run into T1 in a cold-water triathlon.  Wear Crocs or aqua shoes to the walk to the shore.

The ankle cuff is what distinguishes them from the surf sock.  It's not as tight as the wrist cuff on the gloves.  It couldn't be, or no-one would be able to squeeze their feet in.

Despite this, they didn't flush through with cold water when swimming or mucking about with my camera.  Makes sure your wetsuit legs come outside the socks - obviously.

In short- I like them and will buy a pair for Liz as soon as they become available.  I didn't test them on a particularly cold day, but they felt as warm as the rest of my excellent Thermal Helix by BlueSeventy.


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