November Challenge #3: Explore Morocco

When I drew up my list of Challenges at the start of my 60th year, visiting Morocco was near the top.

I'm not sure why, but it's a place I've always fancied going.  I've been to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait but not this much more accessible and adventurous Kingdom.

As with my visit to Andalucia, the location came first, then I looked around for something to do.

Road cycling seemed the best way to avoid the crowds of tourists on the usual trekking routes, and I was drawn to the 'Tour of Toubkal' itinerary offered by KE Adventure Travel.

I have a history with the company, having done some work with them in the 1990s.  After speaking to the teamI decided this was the ride for me.  I was not disappointed.

I posted to Facebook a series of on-the-road videos, all shot and edited on my old iPhone 6 and I'll work them into a longer post about our cycling route.

Hopefully that will help anyone who fancies road cycling in Morocco.  That's still to come.  For now, here's the last video shot and edited in Marrakech at the end of the trip earlier this week before I flew home.

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