First Highland Openwater Swim of 2019

It will be at Glenuig on 16th February.

This weekend the tides were almost the same as they'll be on the day of the swim, so three of us did a recce.

The video of the swim is below.  Oh and if you're a kayaker please come - we need support kayakers!

The tide will be coming in so we'll swim with it and hopefully any prevailing wind around into Glenuig Bay.

It's a short swim to start the programme, but probably quite chilly, especially in the bay where a river reaches the sea.  I thought the swim was over too quickly as I appeared to turn into Glenuig Bay, yet I was less than half-way, so don't be fooled.


There's a small cliff on the shore-side as you enter the bay and a large flat rock underneath where the water is very shallow, so swing wide and you'll be in more swim-able waters.

We had thought we'd exit by scrambling up a path, but it's rubbish.  However, work your way deeper into the bay and, after a short rocky plodge, you'll find a dark sand beach that leads back to the starting point at the Village Hall.

Where we'll have a talk by the astonishing swimmer Colleen Blair, recently voted number 4 in "2019 World's 50 Most Adventurous Open Water Women".  I filmed her successful swim across The Minch last year for The Adventure Show, a world first.

Registration at costs £10, then swim entry by donation - please give what you can.

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