Weatherproof Cycling Case for your Phone - and Do Good

This is a great phone case for a cyclist and it's made by Cycle Of Good.  Even if you read no further, please click that link and check them out.

The pouch is 'weatherproof', by which I mean it would be fine in a rear pocket, under a rain jacket, but don't try submerging it.

It's made from recycled, blown out inner tubes rescued from landfill, so it has sound environmental qualifications.

Plus it's made in Malawi, where an organisation trains tailors in one of the world's poorest places to earn a "decent living turning trash into treasure".

All the money made pays for childcare and non-profit enterprise in Malawi, a country with strong historical links to Scotland.

Mine arrived beautifully wrapped, the 'string' being a single shredded piece of inner tube, along with a signed card from the person who made it.  How cool is that!

The phone pouch is large enough (just) for my iPhone XS with a Speck case around it.  Without that case it would easily slide in and out, but I like the grip the Speck offers.

The pouch has a credit card slot on the rear, although I've yet to try it so I'm not sure how secure it will be.

I strongly urge you to check the Cycle Of Good website which has a range of similar product, including a great duffel-bag made from recycled coffee sacks.

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