Video: Swim Lismore to Port Appin

A new swim for 2019 on the calendar.

We swam it a week ago to get a feel for what it's like and to spot any problems.

We found a few, which I'll mention, but on the whole it's going to be a superb event.

First, take a look at the video and you'll get a feel for what it's like.

This swim is barely longer than our Glenuig swim but because it involves a crossing, it feels much more exposed.  Not unlike a mini Sound of Mull swim.  While a direct-line swim would be 1km, the ferryman advises against this because we'd be in the deeper channel longer and vulnerable to the ferry plus large boats that service the Glensanda Quarry.  (We are contacting them to warn of our activities).

Anyway, it's a much nicer to dodge between the islands (I got out on one) and then curve back into Port Appin

There are two big challenges and a host of minor ones we're having to work around; tidal streams and parking.  Parking is a huge issue at Port Appin.

After a lot of stress and tidal calculations,  the swim will happen on 17th March.

Caroline Willis (no relation) the Pier House Hotel can help with parking, plus others in and around Port Appin.  We're still working on places to park and people might have to walk a fair distance to get to the start.  Either that, or we'll have to limit swimmer numbers.

So it's worth registering early to make sure of a place.

We don't give precise details of starting times before people register, but it won't be an early start and you can expect to block out the middle of the day.  We've had (rare) instances of folks just turning up on the day without registering or donating, and swimming with everyone else.  Given the parking restrictions we feel that's not fair.

Our kayakers will put-in elsewhere and we're still hoping to offer them a little extra event.  If you know any paddlers, please encourage them to join our Kayak Support Team Facebook Group for the latest information.

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