Lismore to Port Appin Charity Swim with Highland Openwater Swim

 It only happens occasionally, but sometimes I can feel a good photograph going into the camera.

I felt it Sunday when I took the shot alongside of a young swimmer, slightly apprehensive perhaps, before the charity swim I'd helped to organise.

We did the recce swim back in January so she knew it would be great.  Seventy people registered and - fortunately - only 48 turned up to swim.

I say fortunately because the wind was at the limit of what was safe.  It produced challenging sea conditions, especially for people more accustomed to swimming in pools.

Those who started early and maintained a good pace had few problems.  Those who messed about on shore (you know who you are) and/or swam a little slower were drifted by the wind and tide.

With wetsuits (mostly) and tow-floats no-one was at risk. However, our safety team had to collect a few who'd drifted down the coast.

Kayakers had advised off-course swimmers, "don't try to swim to Port Appin now, you can't fight the tide, just swim to the shore", but quite a few didn't listen.

Everyone returned safely and, to the best of my knowledge, everyone enjoyed the day.  We had fantastic support from the local communities of Lismore and Port Appin - the baking was outrageously good.  Our volunteer kayakers and boat drivers were even more essential than usual.

No-one gets paid from this (quite the opposite) and we raised a load of money, this year for the Brain Tumour Charity.  One of our safety team has his own fight with that condition right now.

Here's the video I shot, as well as doing the still images.

We have more swims to suit all abilities, right across the year.  Check the dates at our website  Registration costs just £10 and entry by voluntary donation, you give what you can.

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