Video - A Paddle Doesn't Need A Blade At Both Ends to Work

Last weekend we went paddling again.  This time, however, it was in a canoe.

Our friends Colin and Katrina run Source-2-Sea canoe adventures.  We introduced Colin to wild swimming and they volunteered to take us paddling.  Again.

The cross-over between canoeing and kayaking is obviously quite high.

It was wonderful just to get back on the water again and it showed us how much we've missed sea kayaking.

We swapped around the pairings occasionally so we had the experts to take us through some white water, Liz and I managed quite well by ourselves too.

I took along my tiny Sony GW66 waterproof camera, from which I've always had outstanding results (Sony - why did you discontinue this little gem?) and this video is the result.  Hopefully it will help promote their business.  Want one made?  Drop me an email.

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