Videos - Kinesis ATR Tripster Titanium, Demo Bike Tested

I've just experienced a new twist on an old problem of buying a bike.

I've previously complained that, if a bike is not in stock, it's really tricky to organise a test ride.  If they order a model in, then you have to buy it.

I understand why shops do this, but it's not great from the buyer's position.  You'd never dream of buying a car without a test drive, so why buy a bike without knowing whether it fits or suits you?

I was delighted when my local bike shop Nevis Cycles managed to arrange a demo bike from Kinesis.  I'm looking for a titanium gravel bike for off-road, plus touring, plus winter road bike.

Now the twist.  After having the bike for almost a week, and making the videos below, I decided it was the bike for me.  "Oh we can't actually sell you one", says Kinesis.  "There won't be any that size until September at the earliest.  And no, you can't buy our demo bike, it's the only one we have".

So after convincing myself this was the bike for me, I can't have it.  Still, I'll post the videos I made and, by the time you read/watch, they might be back in stock.  The first ride was taking it home from the bike shop.

The second outing was on a very wet day, so simulated the winter conditions we see a lot of here on Scotland's West Coast.  It's not worth showing that video.

The third ride was much more of an adventure.  I decided to attempt a route which I wasn't sure could be ridden and, in the process, I think I've found a classic gravel bike day-out.  Take a look at the map,  or download the GPS route, then take a look at the video.

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