VW Campervan For Sale

We’re selling the superb campervan that has taken us on many adventures.


It’s a long wheelbase with barely 64,000 miles on its T32 130bhp TDI engine since registration in November 2008.

We’re near Fort William but could travel reasonable distances for serious buyers.

We’ve owned it from new and all the extras are in good condition.  


David said...

OK Simon, we give up, what are you going to replace it with, another Jerba?

Simon Willis said...

Hi David - yes, probably.

We're missing Nellie, and discovering that our lifestyle is easier with two vehicles, especially one big enough to sleep in. I'm doing an event this weekend for which Nellie would be very handy. Plus it's hard for Liz to go swimming in the loch without a vehicle to retreat into once she's done.

We've looked at other types of van but the main model at the show we went to was VW. "Why", I asked one of the converters? "Because that's what everyone wants" was the reply. It also means they hold their value better than most other base models.

So we've arranged to hire a short wheelbase Tiree conversion from Jerba in September to see if we could manage with a smaller vehicle.

After that we'll make our decision. Perhaps we'll follow Nellie with a Little Nell?


David said...

We're still adapting to the possibilities offered by our (now) 1-yo Sanna (aka Fred) but pleased to say I'm certain we made the right choice from the start, esp the extra space. Hope you find what you want ...