Video, Magic Muddy Mull

The Sonder Camino Ti gravel bike I bought in May is tempting me to ride new and unusual places.

In particular I've been seeking out routes new to me and possible, anyone.

I found such a route on Mull this weekend.  Here is is on Komoot although read on before you rush off and ride it.  It's a challenge.

The aim was to ride a loop of the lovely Loch Frisa.  If time permitted I'd add a second loop onto of the first, taking in the trails of Glengorm and visiting the excellent cafe at the castle.

So was there a route along the south west side fo Loch Frisa?  The maps did not agree.

Komoot - no track
Komoot and Open Street map showed no track at all.  Yet the Ordnance Survey map showed a black dash track (which in Scotland could be anything from a wish to a road) meeting up with a forest track.  There wouldn't be too much pushing along the black-dashes before the road would take over.

Ordnance Survey
Using the excellent Heritage Paths website, I found there had been a clear track all the way from the 1880s until the 1926 Bartholomew map.

Heritage Paths Website
So I gave it a go.  It turned out to be a lot more challenging than I expected.  My Garmin track doesn't really do this justice because it switches off when I push the bike.  I'm travelling so slowly the auto-pause feature (now switched off) thought I was stopped.  See what you think.

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