Video Series, Safety In Wild Places

It's easy to take your own skills for granted and undervalue them.

Acquired over a lifetime of exploring wild places, techniques that are second nature to me might not be to other people.

After a tricky hike-a-bike through woods, where a slip could see me impaled on a branch, I looked at my small collections of safety kit and thought, "I should tell people about this".

So I have made a series of videos.  There are three at the time of writing but I might add more, and they apply to cycling, wild swimming, sea kayaking, hiking and any activity that takes you into remote places, particularly where there might be no mobile phone signal.

1. how to avoid getting into difficulties - free OS maps as a back-up to electronic navigation aids
2. in an emergency how to reliably call for help - use a Personal Locator Beacon
3. how to stay warm until help arrives

People who think this is over-kill probably don't ride solo in remote parts of Scotland. I'll put the videos below and they're all in this playlist on YouTube.

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