Video, Sonder Camino Ti Review at Six Months

The Sonder Camino Ti has helped me re-discover the joy of off-road cycling, so it's no secret I like this bike.

However, there are shortcomings.  Niggles, really.  But let's go back a step.

To learn why I bought the Sonder Camino rather than the Kinesis titanium bike I had as a demonstrator, please check out this video.

My Titanium Test video sets out the comparison between the two and explains why I think the Camino is a good bike and one heck of an astonishingly good price.

Clips fall off
As for the niggles, well there are two main ones.  Firstly, the clips which hold the cables in place are useless.  They pop off during rides, when the bike is being carried and when I'm washing it.  I've replaced most of them with cable ties, and I now carry spares in my repair kit.  Interestingly, the aluminium version of the bike doesn't have these clips - they go straight to the cable ties.

Rim Tyre Combo
Secondly, the wheel/tyre combo.  The Love Mud Volution rims combined with the ATM tyres are tubeless ready but came as clinchers with an inner tube.  They are all but impossible to remove!  Boy have I struggled. 

There's something about the way those tyres stick in the tubeless groove inside the rim.  Break that seal and you're laughing, but achieving that break requires thumbs of steel.  Instead I had to buy two steel tyre levers, which have scratched the rims, but without them the tyres wouldn't budge.  If I'd punctured somewhere wild I'd have been stuck!

Alpkit have a video showing how you have to stand on the tyre to release that bead.

There's more of the good and less good points in this video.  I hope you'll watch, click the subscribe button and turn on the bell notifications please, because that means YouTube will rank the video higher. 


Colin Delderfield said...

Hi simon thanks for, posting this really helpful.

I’m thinking about getting one, curious about mudguards; looks like you can get one at the back? What (if anything) are you using at the front?



Simon Willis said...

Hi Colin,

Take a look at this video about fitting mudguards to my Camino:

There are links in the video description to the mudguards and parts used.

Hope it works for you.


Unknown said...

Thanks Simon very helpful, sorry for not replying sooner, distracted by current events :-/.

paul.davison said...

Agreed about the clips. Real pin - getting the tyres off those rims - I managed by leaving them deflated in a warm room for a couple of days but agree would be a pain out in the wilds. I have got some lighter Hunt 700c wheels with 38mm tyres which have brought the bike alive. I found the feel heavy with the stock volution wheels with 47 but use them for more laden trips. Just converting to tubeless but the concave in the middle of the rim doesn't help in getting a good seal with tape. Otherwise- awesome bike and possibly my favourite