Sunset Photo Competition, West Coast of Scotland

Next year has been designated the Year of Coasts and Waters in a VisitScotland marketing campaign.

Part of that umbrella campaign is one for the west coast called West Coast Waters.

It's being promoted with a West Coast Sunset photo competition on Instagram.

If you're over 18, just post an Instagram photo of a spectacular sunset on Scotland's west coast; add the hashtag #wcwsunsets; tag the location; and tag @wcwscotland.  Follow them too if you want to know whether you won.  You'll automatically enter the competition with a draw every two weeks, and you could win either a bottle of locally produced whisky or gin.

I'm fairly sure this blog is read by adventurous outdoor types, most of whom will have a photo of a spectacular west coast sunset somewhere in their collection.  If not, I'm sure they'll be able to snap one during 2020.  So I made a short video about this, because a winning photo could already be on your computer.

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