One bike to rule them all?

Think of it as a mid-life crisis motorbike, but without the motor.

Actually, don't.  I've already had several of them and I'm probably past mid-life now.  Just think of it as a treat to myself.  

My excellent road bike is showing its age.  My gravel bike is great, but a little heavy.  

Could I find one of the new generation of carbon, lightweight gravel bikes that would be at home on virtually any surface, road or trail.  

Spoiler alert - I still don't know.  

I bought one but it'll be a while before I know whether it fulfils every criteria.  Still, it'll be fun finding out, and that's the thing which counts.  Unlike most of the videos on Always Another Adventure, this one is a personal blog involving a trip back to my roots.


Tearlach said...

Well Simon, I didn't see that one coming. To my recollection you have never had an ill word toward the Camino and it seems to go every where. However I also didn't know that you still had the old Roubaix or that you felt the need for a road bike. Nonetheless, the look on your face when you got the new bike spoke volumes...
I have been following you into the world of Ti with a different approach to components reflecting my need for a more road oriented gravel bike so I am curious to see where this iteration of yours goes. As we all know, it's still n+1

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, the you tube channel is great, please keep it up! I’m surprised and confused that you want one bike that does it all. Especially given for the price of it you could have a very nice gravel bike and very nice road bike. So if one is out of action, you have another to ride.

I’m envious of your bike collection, but really look forward to seeing how you get on with the Vielo.


Simon Willis said...

Hi folks - absolutely no intention to get ride of the much loved Camino or for that matter my Parlee road bike. It's just there are some times I want one bike that can do different things and I'm trying to find it.
It's also a catchy title for a YouTube video.

N+1 still works for me.


Paul said...

Only just discovered you as I'm getting ready for 2023 lightweight bike packing. So many ridiculous videos where the riders know nothing about camping. Yours are great, you know about camping. I've been camping since the age of 5 (1950 work it out) and I'm just sorting out kit. Cornwall is home so don't have to go far for bad weather! I'll be watching more of your videos as I progress and posting to insta' Paul.