One bike to rule them all?

Think of it as a mid-life crisis motorbike, but without the motor.

Actually, don't.  I've already had several of them and I'm probably past mid-life now.  Just think of it as a treat to myself.  

My excellent road bike is showing its age.  My gravel bike is great, but a little heavy.  

Could I find one of the new generation of carbon, lightweight gravel bikes that would be at home on virtually any surface, road or trail.  

Spoiler alert - I still don't know.  

I bought one but it'll be a while before I know whether it fulfils every criteria.  Still, it'll be fun finding out, and that's the thing which counts.  Unlike most of the videos on Always Another Adventure, this one is a personal blog involving a trip back to my roots.

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Tearlach said...

Well Simon, I didn't see that one coming. To my recollection you have never had an ill word toward the Camino and it seems to go every where. However I also didn't know that you still had the old Roubaix or that you felt the need for a road bike. Nonetheless, the look on your face when you got the new bike spoke volumes...
I have been following you into the world of Ti with a different approach to components reflecting my need for a more road oriented gravel bike so I am curious to see where this iteration of yours goes. As we all know, it's still n+1