My Video Kit

The links below are mostly affiliate links which means I receive a small commission if you use them when buying, for which I thank you.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  My compliance information regarding review equipment is linked from my website

 I mainly shoot on a GoPro 10: 

with a Joby Gorillapod 500:

or a GoPro 3 way stick: 

I also shoot on an iPhone 13Pro:  

and a Insta 360 One X2:  

My current drone is a DJI Mini 3 Pro:  

I'm also using a HoverAir X1 that I was sent to review and have offered to buy: website

Audio is recorded on a Sony voice recorder:  

using a Rode SmartLav+: & adapter:

My larger cameras are at Sony A6400: 

and a Sony ZV1:  

I made a series explaining how I shoot, structure and edit videos including the equipment I use.  here's the first.