Older Athlete Video Series

Almost two years ago I made a spur of the moment video questioning my generations' attitude to age.

It touched a nerve among YouTube viewers and, when I last looked, had over 100,000 views.

So I'm launching a new YouTube series looking at how I'm trying to stay fit to cycle, run, swim and more.  

I wanted to make this series ever since I posted the original video (which is below).  I just couldn't find the right way into it. 

I did a lot of research, attempting to isolate the single best type of strength training, aerobic training, diet... but it turns out there isn't one.  We're all so different.  Our life experiences, especially for older athletes, have created imbalances, weaknesses, all manner of idiosyncrasies, so that one size does not fit all.  It took me almost two years to hit on my approach.  Me.

These videos demonstrate what I do.  If that sounds self-centered I'd agree.  I'm the only guinea pig I know who'd be happy to try this.  If what I do works for you, then great.  It's intended as a starting point, a nudge, a set of ideas which you can adapt to suit your lifestyle and your body.  Especially if you're an older cyclist.  

I'll go through what I eat, why I eat it and when I eat it.  I'll explain my strength training programme and produce two follow-along videos, in case you'd like to work-out with me.  I'll look at the two types of cycle training we really ought to do every week, especially in the off-season.  

Then I'm going to track down some experts to learn how I can improve.  I need to improve my form lifting weights.  And I definitely need to improve my running style - I look like I have filled a nappy.  sorry, 'adult diaper'.    

Because we're rejecting the old notion that once we hit our 60's we're past it and should put our feet up.  

We're part of a generation that refuses to accept inevitable degeneration.


I don't mean attempting to live forever (although a few folk seem to be trying).  I mean staying healthy for significantly longer.  When my own Father was in his fifties, once his work was done, he'd slump in his chair in front of the television and by 9pm he'd be snoring.

I quit work early to enjoy my later years.  I don't have kids.  And when I go to sleep around 9pm it's so I can do an early morning work-out or recover from a big day on the hill or bike. 

I hope there's nothing daft or faddy about what I'm doing.  Some people might think so, but one of the advantages of age is I don't give a f++k about that.  

However, if I have intrigued you and you'd like to find a little more you'll find 'further reading / listening' links below each video and at the bottom of this page.  They start the first Sunday in November, going live at 19:00 UTC (GMT).  The channel is Always Another Adventure