Waterproof Bags for Recording Gear

So how do you keep recording gear completely dry when making a radio programme about kayaking?

We left it a bit late to answer this question, but our solution worked a treat. It goes back to a blog entry from last November when I wrote about AnyLock.co.uk food bags.

These were sturdy enough for the mini disc recorders. We slit a small hole in the bag, passed the mic cable through, then used strong black tape to seal the hole. The cable was bent back on itself, then another layer of tape applied.

Small personal microphones were sealed in condoms (we practice safe radio) and fastened just inside the top of our BAs with nappy pins.

I've been really impressed with the bags. One was a normal food bag, the other was slightly more expensive as it was meant to hold a phone or MP3 player on the beach. The sealing mechanism, which involves sliding a bar over the folded top, is impressively secure.

I tried using one of the big bags as a map case, and all was well until the rod accidentally snapped while ashore. It's longer than the small bags (obviously) so more vulnerable to breaking which off the water.

The company also makes big, sturdy zip-lock bags which are proving excellent at keeping dry parachute flares.


Michael said...

I've used similar bags, but have yet to trust them with my electronic gear. I presently have two systems, one a clear hard case with a small hole drilled for the wire, then sealed with silicon. I can operate my camera inside using a infrared remote. The other case is an Aquapac, again with a small hole for the wire. As it's pliable, I can operate the controls easily by pressing on them, etc. I fantasize about the day when all this equipment comes already waterproofed, ready to use! I see Sanyo now has a waterproof video camera in HD format in the $500 US range. Talks are on-going with my banker as I write...

Simon said...

Hi Michael

I've taken a close look at your set up on your page

Looks good. However, I've recently had three unfortunate experiences of leaking Aquapacks, one after the other and one of them brand new, so I've lost my faith somewhat.

Extreme Vision Systems in the UK had a webpage which showed an excellent gun-camera system like Justine Curgenven uses but they're recently changed their website and I can't find that product any longer.
That mount you have looks good!