Packing Sea Kayaks

We test-packed everything into the kayaks on Saturday. But how to ensure we'd be able to get everything in again once we reach Norway?

Liz made a careful note of where everything fit and I typed it up as a list. "That's not clear enough", she told me, and disappeared with some pens.

The child-like drawings alongside are the result. Not exactly sea-kayak shape, but they show us exactly where different bags of different colours fit.

It looks a little daft - neuroticaly organised even. But anyone who has tried loading a boat on a rocky beach in a hurry, with waves breaking over the bow, will appreciare the clarity of what Liz has done here.

I laminated the drawings and will keep them on the back of the map case.

Four days to go.


Anonymous said...


.. and utterly futile. Loaded will still be a PITA.

Mark R

Simon said...

Well it's all about learning, isn't it?

stk said...

Well, LOL ... it's our first kayaking "expedition" and we searched the Internet for "packing sea kayaks"! Look what we found!

We're off for a few days (minus Alex) right in our own backyard. Putting in at Blue Heron Park (3 km. down the road) and exploring the (Canadian) southern Gulf Islands.

Cheers to you two and it reminds me that I need to write an article about the Scottish Kayak Trail! ;-)

I like the drawings, Liz! Have they helped? Have you ammended this system in any way? (Just going out today to purchase some "dry" bags ... figured colors + clear and mostly "small", will help).

-Scott & Rachel