Rusty Replaced

"Are you finished already?" Even Liz was surprised at how quickly I replaced the rusty skeg slider on my new Nordkapp. Readers may remember a supplier to Valley Sea Kayaks supplier a component made from mild steel, not stainless steel, to the skeg slider of my boat. It also affects quite a few others too. Valley sent a replacement immediately, and I replaced the parts with little effort. The photos show how to do it, but if you've any questions, please ask.

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Cailean Macleod said...

I sent a email to Valley over two weeks ago now regarding my rusting skeg and despite a formal acknowledge (yes we have got your email and will get back to you) I've not heard a peep. I guess I will just need to tackle Scottish Paddler Supplies (Scottish Valley agent) in person at the SCA show.

Shame really as I thought given the publicity over the matter on your blog and the thread on the UKSKGB they (Valley) would want this resolved quickly to ensure customer statisfaction.