My Hat Is Not on the Menu

Back in October I was first to review This Is The Sea when I made a rather rash statement.

If Justine doesn't win an award for the New Zealand film I will eat my copy of the DVD. This is the best kayak expedition film I've seen and worth buying for this disc alone.

I just received an e-mail from Justine which reads:

"you don't have to eat one of the "This
is the sea 4" discs!! The NZ film won 'best mountain adventure film' at Kendal Mountain Film festival just over a week ago which is very exciting indeed!!! You're safe!! ( and thanks for your faith!)"

Phew.  If you're going to buy a copy, please buy it directly from Justine as she offers free worldwide shipping.

1 comment:

wideblueyonder said...

And very well deserved in my opinion - best part of the 2 disc set undoubtedly!

Once had a headteacher who used the 'I'll eat my hat' and had to - however he had the school kitchen cook up a lovely 'hat shaped' cake for him - sneaky eh!