Grey Fuzz

Three days filming and nothing to show for it except experience.

In twenty five years making TV programmes I have never spent three days so frustrated by technical problems.  Kayaks and cameras don't mix easily.

The mini cams worked fine in my office, but not on the water.  First attempt produced great pictures but also an unusable buzz on the sound track.  That evening, we tinkered, gently.

The following day, after abandoning sound, neither of the two mini-cams, or their recorders, would produce any pictures.  They worked fine with the lids open, but shut the peli case and, when we reviewed it later, all we had recorded was grey fuzz.

Then there is that waterproof rig I'm holding.  The pictures were great but the sound track was covered in splats and farts from my normally ultra-reliable radio mics.  So three days and virtually nothing useable on tape.  But a whole lot of lessons learnt which I shall now attempt to put into practice.

Give up?  Not likely.  

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Douglas Wilcox said...

Frustrating stuff Simon. I have spent about a year trying to get my mobile phone to post photos to my blog. Tried all sorts of email and MMS settings, Trawled phone forums for hours. Nothing. I bought a Sony Ericsson phone. worked straight away. Its, got a "blog this" item, no setting up, it just worked!
I wish you success in overcoming these gremlins.